The leadership team in Cairnshill Methodist Church is vested in the Church Council supported by Work Teams which handle day to day management and adminsitration.


The Church Council is formed by the Minister, four Officers and nine Congegational Representatives.   Three new Congregational Representatives are voted onto the Council each year, each Representative serving a three year term.


The Church Council members effective from 1st January 2013 are:


Rev. Louise Donald


Society Steward.  Mrs Gloria Jones

Secretary.  Mrs Pearl Maconaghie

Treasurer.  Mr Eric Cunningham

Property Steward.    Mr Richard Smyth

Congregational Reps:

Mrs Mary Aspin, Mrs Elizabeth Beggs, Mrs Ivie Jamison, Mrs Florence Johston, Mrs Christine McKibbin, Mrs Jennifer McMaster, Mrs Hilary Uprichard, Mr Ian Atkinson, Mr Duncan Burnett, Mr Keith Irvine.

Philip Irvine, 05/09/2014