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Cairnshill Methodist Church

Welcome to Cairnshill Methodist Church


2013/2014 church year.

Welcome to the website for Cairnshill Methodist Church, Belfast.  This website is first and foremost a resource for the people of Cairnshill Methodist. It is intended to form the core for planning our activities and running organisations. The Calendar is a central feature of this. If you are a member of the church, please bookmark the site and any pages that are of special interest to you and return regularly to keep up to date. 
Of special interest this year is our Lay Witness Weekend from the 22nd to 24th November 2013.  A team of Lay people from the Lay Witness organisaation will be leading us in a variety of activities and in worship.  Lots of help is needed by our church members to facilitate this.  Please check the Lay Witness Weekend pages of this website for the latest inforamtion.  Quick link below.
  If you are a visitor to the site, we hope our website will provide an interesting insight into the activities run by and from our church. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to use the ‘Contact Us’ page on the ‘About Us’ menu.

Our Church season begins in September each year as organisations get restarted.
Please click on the quick links below to find the organsiation you are interested in:

Boys' Brigade
irls' Brigade
Junior Youth Club
JYC Registration Form
Senior Youth Club
Mums and Tots
Children and Youth Church
Methodist Women in Ireland (MWI)
Bible Study
Minister's Blog
Lay Witness Weekend

May God bless you richly.


Rev. Colin Duncan


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Latest articles

CCHH Seminar - Ministry in the Context of Learning Disability.
"I am who I am." Cairnshill Methodist Church. Thursday 15th May 2014. 09:45am to 12:45pm. (Author: Colin Duncan)

Haiti Team 2014/15. 
Rev Laurence Graham is planning an MMS(I) team to Haiti from 29 Dec 2014 to 14 Jan 2015. Check here for more info. (Author: Colin Duncan)

Reflect + Connect Cafe Church
Sunday Evening Cafe Church in Cairnshill Methodist. From 6.30pm.   Check here for dates and themes. (Author: Colin Duncan)

Day of Prayer on 11th July.
That this year the 12th July will be peaceful. (Author: Colin Duncan)

Day of Prayer for Our land 
"Moving Forward Together" St Anne's Cathedral 10:30am to 3.30pm. (Author: Colin Duncan)

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